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About Zelp

ZELP is launched to help people make more informed decisions, which they otherwise would struggle for the lack of support. ZELP encourages its customers to use ZELP to complement their decision making and not to base their total decision making on the predictions provided by its astrologers. It may be noted that astrology is not yet a perfect science and much depends upon how well the astrologers use the empirical rules to make the predictions. Each prediction is astrologers own view and may not necessarily be the same provided by another astrologer.

ZELP supports a panel of leading astrologers, whose expertise has been well tested by the promoter of this site. These astrologers use both the Lal Kitab and Vedic astrology in their endeavour to make correct predictions.

ZELP does not guarantee the correctness of the prediction and also does not take any liability for any losses financial otherwise, any injury or the consequences of any action that the customer may take based on the predictions provided by its astrologers.